Recovery Focus is a national group of charities that provides a range of mental health services. They approached Mindwave to redesign their employment service to make better use of technology and empower service users to have more control over their action plans and outcomes.

The project would require an initial ‘discovery phase’ to identify the needs of staff members and service users, as well as identifying key opportunities to provide more personalised, efficient and further-reaching employment support.

This would then be put into action by developing a new digital tool which would support service users to work collaboratively with their employment advisor, enabling them to build a personalised action plan and track their progress over time.



Engaging with over 40 members of staff and 50 service users, the Mindwave team employed a user-led design process to ensure the product truly aligned with the needs of staff, service users and stakeholders.

We spent 6 weeks on site to understand existing processes, gain the trust of staff, and test prototypes so that we could iterate upon the designs in a way that was continuously in line with the feedback of service users. A 6-week pilot was then carried out to measure the outcomes and inform the final sprint of development.



  • A new web app which works across mobile and desktop devices, facilitating productive, goal-oriented conversations between staff and service users

  • A fully considered digital product, embedded into the organisation’s existing processes, for use by 21 employment teams nationwide



CLIENT: Recovery Focus