Mindwave were approached by Dr. Dan Joyce, a computer scientist turned doctor, to develop Crowdsum, a digital tool that quantifies and visualises a patient’s health on the ward by drawing on the expertise and observations of multiple members of a clinical team.

In the world of healthcare, clinical observations can often be varied and impressionistic. Mindwave were tasked with developing an algorithm to crowdsource and aggregate opinions within a multidisciplinary clinical team, in order to present an objective view of a patient’s health over time.

The aim of the product was to support objective decision-making within clinical teams in an inpatient setting, and to make more efficient use of time during costly ward rounds.



Mindwave focused on two key areas: development of the algorithm and user experience. The algorithm was developed to enable all members of a clinical team on a ward to provide updates on a patient’s health. By crowdsourcing opinions and aggregating the data, the algorithm eliminates the bias of traditional clinical observations. Multiple members of a clinical team can be invited as contributors, and are prompted to rate a patient’s progress on a number of markers using a mobile device.

Additionally, great emphasis was placed on user experience: to make it as easy as possible for clinicians to input data and view results to support clinical decision-making. We spent a week shadowing various wards in different settings to gain a deeper insight into the competing pressures of a hospital environment, and used this insight to put clinical needs at the forefront of the UX design process.



  • A robust and time-efficient digital solution which provides an objective, quantitative visualisation of a patient’s health over time

  • Sophisticated aggregation of raw data using Mindwave’s Data Engine

  • A user-led solution based on learnings and insight gained from hours of observation and research interviews


CLIENT: Internal project