At Mindwave, “thinking green” is part of our company culture. There is nothing particularly unusual about this; having a “green policy” has become the norm nationwide. That said, we are genuinely compassionate people. We do our part to help the environment and reduce waste. That means the obvious; not needlessly having electronics switched on when not in use, drinking our water from fancy, metal bottles and sorting our recyclables. Plastic coffee cups are a “no no”. We don’t use paper towels to dry our hands. We buy sustainable coffee, tea and sugar for our daily, guilt free caffeine dose.

What may be less obvious is that, at Mindwave, you won’t find any printers. You won’t find rubbish bins full of printouts and discarded proposals. We do almost everything online. Aside from our precious post-its, paper is near-obsolete in our office. We have even started using paperless notebooks.

You will not find a car park in front of our London offices. We are committed to using our legs, our bicycles, and public transport. We have many of our clients meetings online, and we often work remotely, reducing our carbon footprint.

We are looking into more sustainable suppliers as well. There are the basics, like recycled toilet roll packaged in paper, not plastic, and the less obvious, like using the Ecosia web browser.��

We are all about good ideas, so if you have any thoughts on how to be more green in the workplace, please do share!