The ADHD Team at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust approached Mindwave to adapt Healthlocker for use within their service.

Unlike Healthlocker, HeadScape would not connect to the Trust’s existing patient database and so would require a new admin interface to allow service users to be set up internally. The project also required a total content change from the original, including a new logo and an additional medications feature that would allow users to keep better track of their prescriptions.  



Following exploratory workshops with the client team, Mindwave carried out scoping and design work for the new admin interface and medications feature, and supported the Oxleas team to create content that was appropriate for the adapted service.

This is phase one of design and development for HeadScape Focus, with plans to add an interface for teachers and GPs, as well as building a large store of interactive resources (particularly video- and game-based).

Mindwave also acted as the link with the South London and Maudsley (SLaM) NHS Foundation Trust’s IT team, who will be hosting the service on their servers. We are also helping to facilitate the communications between SLaM and Oxleas to ensure that any legal issues, such as the terms of ownership and responsibility for the service, are clearly agreed.



  • A responsive website, based on Healthlocker, with a new admin interface, logo, total content change, and additional medications feature

  • Planning and designing for a completely new user group (teachers, GPs and other professionals),  with the aim of allowing others involved in the care of young people to: communicate with the care team more securely and efficiently; access information to support the care they are providing; and offer feedback on the young person’s progress to give a more rounded view, leading to better outcomes


CLIENT: Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust