Mindwave were approached by a leading Mental Health NHS Trust to make better use of technology in mental health care by creating Healthlocker, a digital service which brings together service users, carers, clinicians and researchers to improve communication and transparency in care.

With the starting point of the National Information Board’s mandate that service users should be able to contribute to and access parts of their health record by 2020, our goal was to create a service which would also: encourage supported self-management; improve communication between service users, clinicians and carers; bring about greater transparency in care; and bring greater efficiency to clinical work.

As the Trust is establishing itself as a pioneer in the development of PHRs (Personal Health Records), the service would also have to be developed in an open-source, modular way to allow for future integrations and expansion to other trusts.



Too often, digital products and services fail to be successful in the NHS due to lack of buy-in from frontline staff. By recognising this from the outset, the Mindwave team used an iterative, user-led process to engage and learn from over 800 people (including 440 clinicians) throughout the design and development phases.

We worked in agile development sprints, involving lead stakeholders in prioritisation, sprint planning and demos, and carrying out continuous quality assurance and user acceptance testing.



  • A responsive web application that provides a series of tools, resources and contacts to support self-management

  • A flexible platform which can be further developed for other trusts, encouraging a collaborative approach to technology development where new features can benefit all organisations involved

  • An easy to scale technology stack

  • A high level of data security

  • Integration with ePJS (the Trust’s patient record system), allowing service users to access and interact with their care plan



CLIENT: South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (funded by Maudsley Charity)