The client brief for this project was to create a simple web application which helps clinicians treating patients of dementia to determine the combined anticholinergic burden (ACB) of a patient’s prescribed medication.

The app would need a simple scoring system to help clinicians determine whether or not the anticholinergic score of a specific combination of medications is too high. The score could then be used to review a patient’s existing prescription with the aim of reducing the negative effects of anticholinergic properties on their health.



Mindwave worked with the client team to design and develop a simple but effective solution, which is currently being trialled by clinicians.

Provided by the client with a list of drugs and their scores, our role was to develop the scoring system in a way that was clear and intuitive. For ease of use, the app was designed using a simple traffic light scoring system assigned to 4 categories of drug: score 3 (red); score 2 (orange); score 1 (yellow); and score 0 (green), with an additional ‘?’ category for drugs which have not yet been trialled, or about which enough information is not yet known to be reliably scored.

Although the list of drugs provided by the client was extensive, we found that it would be important for clinicians to be able to add drugs manually, in order to ensure that the app could continue to evolve and be useful in the future.

Based on further user requirements, we expanded the app to include additional features such as the ability to add extra notes and dosage information, as well as the option to download or email results for ease of communication.



  • A web app that is straightforward to use, helping clinicians to quickly and easily determine the anticholinergic burden of any combination of drugs

  • A flexible product, with the ability for clinicians to input new drugs manually

  • Results that are easy to download and share, helping to facilitate communication between doctors and patients



CLIENT: South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust