Privacy notice


Mindwave Ventures does not collect, process or store any personal information via its website.


We may process your personal information if you make contact with us for one of the following purposes:

·       to enquire about our services or engage us as a supplier

·       to take part in user research or user testing for our products

·       to enquire about or apply for a job opportunity

·       to make an enquiry or a complaint, or to ask for information we have about you (a subject access request)

·       to undertake tasks for Mindwave Ventures: staff, contractors, consultants, and volunteers (information about how we process their personal information can be found in the Internal Privacy Notice)


We may also make contact with you in a professional capacity if we feel our products and services may be relevant to you or your organisation.


If you believe one of these circumstances applies to you, more information on how we handle personal information can be found here.


If you use one of the services we have designed/built, your personal information is generally stored and processed by the organisation who commissioned Mindwave to carry out the work.  Please see the specific privacy notice on the site you use.